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Twice a year a new coat comes in and pushes the under coat out resulting in excessive shedding or "Blowing of the coat". The shedding process usually takes from three to six weeks, with a new coat growing in during the next four to six weeks. During the active shedding period groom your dog daily.

A large shedding brush or horse brushes can be used to remove big clumps of loose hair.Start at the head brushing with the lay of the coat, lay your hand below the coat rake and pull a little hair at a time up from under your hand and continue working towards the back of the dog. While brushing spray a water/conditioner mix to help loosen tangles and prevent breakage. Horse maine and tail detangler works great on dogs as well.

A warm bath once a week can really help loosen the hair and shorten the length of time they low their coats.

Siberian Husky Grooming

The Coat:

Siberian huskies have a double coat- a soft undercoat and an outer coat (guard hairs). The double coat insulates them from both heat and cold, which is why they should never be shaved, even in the hottest climates. The topcoat is used to block the UV rays, as well, so shaving your husky, leads it with little protection; the topcoat, also, helps to cool the dog, so heatstroke is a concern when shaving the fur.

Twice a year the new guard coat coming in, pushes the undercoat out which results in a massive amount of shedding hairs, known as "blowing coat."


Regular grooming will help keep down fur balls in your home. It can be seen as the perfect opportunity to inspect the dog for any parasites, lumps, skin problems, ear problems, etc., that can become serious if undetected for long periods of time.

Siberian Huskies tend to be clean dogs, as when dirty they tend to clean themselves up, similar to cats, but that doesn't mean their grooming can be neglected, by any means.

The breed is a heavy seasonal shedder. They completely loose their undercoat twice a year. The entire shedding period tends to last about three weeks. With daily brushing you can easily cut down the number of "dust bunnies" in your home. Using a metal comb tends to work best.

You should only give baths when needed, as bathing too frequently will cut down essential oils in the dogs skin and fur. I would recommend bathing Siberian huskies outside, as to best prevent you shower drain from clogging.

Throughout the year, Siberian huskies require minimum grooming care. They fur does not need to be trimmed or shaved.

** Note** These are not our dogs in the videos they are only used to show you how a Siberian husky blows their coats.